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Trampoline Esports Championships

WELCOME to the FIRST Ever Trampoline Esports Championships! 

This first year will be an online-based submission and the winners be featured at the first ever Freestyle Trampoline Live World Championships. This first year will pave the growth of a brand new community of acrobatic esports enthusiasts

Rules To Enter: 

1) Download Pro FLipper Full Version below

2) Create a 10 skill routine with a STOP landing on the 10th skill

3) Submit your routine by simply tagging @GRTproflipper and hashtag #GRTproflipper on Instagram with your video

                  Submissions Due July 20th

Esports Trampoline - A 'Jump' Start

This year's #EsportsTrampChamp Competition is the first of its kind and GRT has been working with developers all over the world trying to build a digital acrobatic ecosystem where gamers can play, but athletes can also train. We want this ecosystem to become a place for Cryptocurrency, NFT and other Token Investors can make returns on this digital community. 

This year's competition will be a submission-based competition and the winner will be Officially the world's first Esport Trampoline Champion. In years to come, the Pro Flipper ecosystem will grow to host live broadcasts with live gamers competing at 2023 World Championships.

This year, the Freestyle Trampoline Association is launching the first ever Live Broadcasted Freestyle Trampoline World Championships on August 4th in London England for live athletes. Learn more about it HERE

Pro Flipper will build along side the #FTAworldchamps as the digital version of the real event. Unique Trampoline Park Levels will be built of our partner Trampoline Parks and GRT along with the FTA will build a real world and digital Ecosystem that mirror each other. 

We are currently open to all potential collaborations and have many unique features our team is currently developing for the future. If you wish to get involved, have questions about the long term development or even want to be an investor to this new Live/Digital Ecosystem contact us!


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